Think of it as an investment

Spotlight YOPD was founded for no better reason than Young Onset Parkinson’s had somehow slipped through the net, certainly in the UK – with a perception that it’s a condition of the elderly.

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We hope to give those with YOPD the information, support and confidence to get the help they need for their own (very individual) life with PD. Our aim is to be an umbrella site for all things PD – and to work alongside and complement the other Parkie presence out there – from bloggers, to networks, to the big boy charities.

Because many are chasing the same pool of money, charities can traditionally be a bit insular. They have overheads, wages to pay and a head office to maintain. We started off as just a website with a few quirky ideas to get the cause noticed – we are moving increasing now towards action and activism.

NB. We said ‘the cause’ not ‘the charity’. Publicity for the charity or the brand ‘Spotlight YOPD’ is incidental – the bigger picture is recognistion of YOPD as a separate condition with separate challenges.

There are some running costs for Spotlight YOPD – which we hope will be covered by donations and sponsorship.

This site is a work in progress – and any site is only as good as its content. This is just the start. We will be linking to all charities, bloggers and resources out there. There is no obligation for them to link back (although it would be nice) and should they choose not to be listed or included – we’ll pop in a line saying they are out there and were approached.