Building Strong Partnerships

We are proud to work with a diverse group of partners and collaborators who have made significant contributions to our cause. Together, we are making a real impact in the lives of those affected by Young Onset Parkinson's Disease.

Our Valued Partners


Provide our banking services. Handelsbanken is a bank whose success is based on having very satisfied customers who benefit from old fashioned virtues of how banking used to be with a sustainable and modern twist. Our customers benefit from having long term relationships with experienced bankers who are able to make decisions based solely on their needs.

Guild logo


Guild who provide us with a GDPR online community platform. Guild is a messaging platform for professional groups, networks and communities. A safe space to communicate, connect and collaborate. The best place for professional communities and networking.

The Able Label

The Able Label want people to be happier and confident by wearing and dressing in The Able Label clothes. They have two other clear design goals. No overhead dressing and no fiddly zippers. This is so everyone, including those who struggle with self dressing and assisted dressing can wear The Able Label.
Purchase via the link here and Spotlight YOPD will benefit too.

Wide Slide

Wide Slide designed and built our website. They have a knack for elevating brands through a mix of identity design, websites, print and digital. The place to bring your business or charity to life.

Our Alliances

The World Parkinson Coalition

The World Parkinson Coalition® provides the only international forum on Parkinson’s disease that invites all stakeholders to learn about the latest scientific discoveries, medical practices, and care initiatives that improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s disease. By bringing the full Parkinson’s community together we hope to expedite the discovery of new treatments for this devastating disease until a cure is found.

Cure Parkinson's

Cure Parkinson’s was set up in 2005 by four people living with Parkinson’s. Frustrated by the lack of progress in research or curative treatments, Tom Isaacs, Sir Richard Nichols, Air Vice Marshal Michael Dicken and Sir David Jones set out to find a cure, focussing on research projects with the potential to slow, stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s.

Davis Phinney Foundation For Parkinson’s

Since 2004, the Davis Phinney Foundation has brought to life some of the most important programs, research, content, and events for those affected by Parkinson’s. Our community includes people living with Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s care partners, families and friends of those living with Parkinson’s, physicians, and Parkinson’s allied health professionals.

The Neurological Alliance logo

The Neurological Alliance

Together we campaign to ensure people affected by neurological conditions can access high-quality, joined-up care and support to meet their individual needs, at every stage of their life. We amplify the voice of the neurological community. We gather evidence and make the case for improving services for people with neurological conditions. We work with policymakers and health leaders to push for real change.

Collaborate with us

Join our network of partners and contribute to the advancement of awareness and support for young onset Parkinson's disease. If you'd like to explore workong together, we'd love to hear from you.

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