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We wrote to the Prime Minister following the delivery of the Parky Charter.
Today a team from Spotlight met at 10 Downing Street as the Parky Charter was handed in.
Being diagnozed with PD is a huge shock. To try to ease the journey I have put together a guide of 7 things to focus on as you navigate the early days of PD.
Everyone experiences their diagnosis in very different ways. There are a range of responses that people diagnosed with YOPD most often experience.
Here’s an explanation of some of the terms you’ll hear used around young onset Parkinson's, plus insights from Sarah Tilley Sykes who has YOPD.
The three words ‘you have Parkinson’s’ are not the ones anyone wants to hear. Those words may have been accompanied by other words like “incurable, degenerative and progressive.”
I would like to introduce you to Carl Beech – an  Author, keynote speaker, leadership consultant, broadcaster and entrepreneur. Carl is already been a CEO of a number of charities and in addition to being experienced in campaigning, brings new energy and ideas to Spotlight YOPD.
Having a chronic condition can give you a new perspective on life and how you chose to live. Gaynor Edwards - our current CEO - shares her own perspective and reason for passing on the baton.
Our CEO reflects on a decade since her diagnosis.
YOPD hits prime time TV in a five part drama on Bank Holiday Monday - August 29, 2022.
Specialist Parkinson Physiotherapists Maria Lewis and Sally Tawhai explain why the best exercise for YOPD does not involve mindless hours on a treadmill but something demanding effort - that can fully engage both brain and body.
Students from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester have been staging a special concert to show the effects of music on people with Parkinson's Disease.

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