Welcome to the holding page for Spotlight YOPD – our new site is coming soon – it will be an information resource for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of Young Onset Parkinson’s. Spotlight YOPD is a registered charity founded because Young Onset Parkinson’s had somehow slipped through the net. Certainly, in the UK, those diagnosed under 50 felt side-lined with a misleading perception that Parkinson’s is exclusively a condition of the elderly.

We aim to give those diagnosed with YOPD the information, support, and confidence to get the help they need for their own (very individual) life with the condition. An umbrella site for the best resources relevant to Young Onset Parkinson’s, referencing other reliable resources out there. Our core audience are those with YOPD.

To the person with YOPD: No doubt, while going through diagnosis you would have been told on several occasions that ‘it won’t be Parkinson’s – you are far too young’. Having learned the news that you do in fact have PD, you may have been similarly told ‘You are very young to have Parkinson’s’.

Well, you do not have traditional Parkinson’s, you are too young. You, along with thousands of others in the UK alone – many under the radar, some misdiagnosed, others undiagnosed – have YOPD, Young Onset Parkinson’s.

If you are recently diagnosed and need someone to talk to please call or text: 07956 142214.

If you would like to get involved and help us at Spotlight YOPD email: contact@spotlightyopd.org

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