Spotlight YOPD is a UK-based charity with the ultimate goal of supporting patients with young-onset
Parkinson’s disease (YOPD), raising the profile and mobilising research into YOPD. Spotlight YOPD
has five aims to help achieve their overall vision. These aims have formed the structure of our
communication strategy.

Spotlight YOPD’s aims and vision

Vision: Shining a light on better living now with Young-Onset Parkinson’s (YOPD) and researching for a
brighter future.


  • Ensure YOPD is recognised globally as a rare (often genetic) syndrome that requires focussed research
  • Mobilise genetic testing ensuring YOPD patients have an effective diagnosis leading to better care
  • Deliver campaigns so YOPD families have access to research, innovative treatments and other emotional, practical and financial support
  • Have YOPD recognised in guidelines enabling holistic disease management at every stage of life
  • Accelerate diagnosis and empower patients and families to take control of the condition

Please download Spotlight YOPD Communications Strategy for more details..

Download Spotlight YOPD Communications Strategy 2021 (PDF)

Can you help us achieve our vision? 

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