An Exercise in Proactive Brain Training

Specialist Parkinson Physiotherapists Maria Lewis and Sally Tawhai explain why the best exercise for YOPD does not involve mindless hours on a treadmill but something demanding effort – that can fully engage both brain and body.

Fate, hope and a YOPD charity

Being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) – also referred to as Early Onset Parkinson’s (EOPD) can take time to process. Read this first.

Collaboration without hesitation

Dr. Babak Kateb’s skill-set is “brain-mapping” but he believes key to progress is collaboration. Spotlight YOPD reporter Lisa V explains more… Anyone who works in the brain-business will know of Neuroscientist Dr. Babak Kateb – Founding Chairman and CEO of the prestigious SBMT and Brain Mapping Foundation. When Dr. Babak says something, I listen. Those […]