Turning The Spotlight On Our Cause

Spotlight YOPD is a UK-based charity with the ultimate goal of supporting patients with young-onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD), raising the profile and mobilising research into YOPD.

Spotlight YOPD has five aims to help achieve its overall vision. Together these form the structure of our communication strategy.

Spotlight YOPD’s aims and vision

Vision: Shining a light on better living now with Young-Onset Parkinson’s (YOPD) and researching for a brighter future.


  • Ensure YOPD is recognised globally as a rare (often genetic) syndrome that requires focussed research.
  • Mobilise genetic sequencing ensuring YOPD patients have an effective diagnosis leading to better care.
  • Deliver campaigns so YOPD families have access to research, innovative treatments and other emotional, practical and financial support.
  • Have YOPD recognised in guidelines enabling holistic disease management at every stage of life.
  • Accelerate diagnosis and empower patients and families to take control of the condition.

Download Spotlight YOPD Communications Strategy here.

Download Spotlight YOPD Communications Strategy 2021 (PDF)

Spotlight YOPD is a UK registered charity – our details and latest accounts can be be viewed on the Charity Commission website.

Everyone can make a difference 

Please get in touch if you can help us make a difference at contact@spotlightyopd.org

Looking Ahead

In recent years, we have seen YOPD approach a tipping point… New YOPD charities from around the globe have appeared and are now singing from the same hymnsheet,  if in their own language. We have lots we can learn from each other and much we can share. The best we will link to on this site. 

Only now are patients and researchers working together in properly observing and trying to track disease progression,  identifying presenting symptoms, discovering genetic links and much more. 

Founded and still run by people with the condition, Spotlight’s aim has always been in the first instance to represent those people diagnosed with Parkinson’s under the age of 50. We hope to help them understand what YOPD is, how it and its many and varied symptoms may impact on their health, welfare and the future for them and their family.

While hope is very much the currency of YOPD and the power of positivity is undeniable – we seek to tell it like it is. No promises and no timelines for a ‘cure’ – we are all on a learning curve, including clinicians, neurologists, patients, partners and charities. We want to encourage patient involvement and different, creative approaches to solving the many issues that make up YOPD. 

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