Researchers in the US have explored the link between Covid-19 and the risk of Parkinson’s. As part of their study, the team induced “mild to moderate” cases of Covid-19 in mice genetically engineered to be susceptible to the virus. After 38 days, the researchers injected mice from both infected and non-infected groups with a low dose of the chemical compound MPTP, which causes symptoms of Parkinson’s.

When the team later examined the mice for signs of Parkinson’s, they found that those which had recovered from the virus and been exposed to MPTP had a 23% higher loss of neurons in the brain, compared to those who had been exposed to Covid-19 or MPTP alone. Commenting on the findings, lead author Richard Smeyne said: “Understanding how coronavirus impacts the brain can help us prepare for the long-term consequences of this pandemic” – but cautioned that more research is needed to understand the impact in humans.

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