“Parky Charter” handed in to 10 Downing Street

A group of people standing outside 10 Downing Street, holding up the Parky Charter on big cards.
Today a team from Spotlight met at 10 Downing Street as the Parky Charter was handed in.

Today Carl Beech (CEO) with a team from Spotlight including our Patron Gaynor met at 10 Downing Street as the Parky Charter was handed in. The charter is supported by Spotlight YOPD, Cure Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s UK.

Carl Beech said “When I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s, I’ll never forget the words, incurable, degenerative and progressive ringing in my ears as I left the consultants room. I knew that life was different now, and looked for help. The Movers and Shakers podcast was the first thing I listened to! It gave me great comfort to know I wasn’t alone. However I was “young” and  so I had a similar but also different battle on my hands. One of having to work with declining health and yet no easy access to financial help. Having to fight and often failing to get the help needed is soul destroying. When  the 5 points of the Parky Charter were formulated I punched the air! It’s time for change.  It’s an incredible honour to be standing together as 3 charities, with the Movers and Shakers to ensure all those diagnosed get the help and support they desperately need.”

Carl Beech, the CEO of Spotlight YOPD, holding a blue box that represents The Parky Charter, the box is decorated with the logos of national Parkinson's charities Spotlight YOPD, Cure Parkinson’s & Parkinson’s UK as well as the logo of Parkinson's Podcast "Movers and Shakers". He is standing outside the black metal bar gates of Downing Street, London, UK. Carl is in his early fifties with a shaved head, black glasses and has full sleeve tattoos on both arms. He is wearing dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt that is obscured by the box he is holding.
Carl Beech holding the Parky Charter outside Downing Street
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