In part two of her piece on how to enrich the microbiome and help reduce Parkinson’s symptoms, Kathrynne Holden – our regular guest dietician – looks at nutritious and varied meal plans that are great for the whole body By assembling meals that are planned to provide nutrients which fight Parkinson’s and support health, you can do something each day to fortify your mind and body. The one-day menus will help you choose the foods that best nourish your brain, muscles, bones and organs. You don’t need to eat these exact meals, just use them as guidelines.

Menu 1: For people using levodopa *NOTE: Take levodopa 30–60 minutes before eating.

Breakfast – Whole-grain hot cereal such as oatmeal, cooked barley flakes, or Seven-Grain Cereal – Milk (if sensitive to milk protein, choose a milk alternative such as almond, soy, or rice milk) – Fruit juice (unsweetened) – Coffee or tea Protein-free snack – Water kefir – Two portions of fresh fruit (banana, grapes, chopped pineapple, sliced oranges, kiwifruit or other fruit of choice)

Lunch – Sandwich on whole-grain bread, sliced turkey, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise – Devilled egg – Deli-style fermented pickle – Milk, milk alternative or fruit juice – Coffee or tea Low-protein snack – A handful of peanuts or roasted cashew nuts

Evening meal – Miso soup –Stir-fry of shrimp, snow peas, carrot, mushroom and onion – Kimchi – Brown rice – Soy sauce – Dates or figs How did we do? For the body, brain and nervous system: Wheat or oat cereal, milk, fruit (and fruit juice), whole-grain bread, turkey, cheese, egg, nuts, shrimp, vegetables, brown rice, dried dates and figs. Prebiotic foods: Whole-wheat, banana, lettuce, peanuts, cashew nuts, onion. Probiotic foods: Water kefir, fermented pickle, miso soup, kimchi.


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