No Silver Bullet Support Group

No Silver Bullet is a group started by PwP for PwP, their carers, & PD Professionals. We ‘met’ whilst learning about nutrition on a course run by Dr. Geoffrey & Lucille Leader & are all of the firm belief that there is so much more PwP can do than just pop meds! On our forum information can be shared & support given or received, as what works for one, might work for another.

However such is this journey we all get a different version to deal with & as they say, “There is no one silver bullet to cure all!” We hope you enjoy the content & if you wish to learn more or join us then please email us at

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:- Please be aware, we are not Doctors, Neurologists or PD Professionals. We simply share information from our members which is often based on anecdotal evidence that they feel helps them. We are all very different in our needs, symptoms, stage of PD YOU MUST CONSULT YOUR PROFESSIONAL PD SUPPORT TEAM BEFORE YOU CHANGE ANY MEDICATIONS.