Inking about PD Awareness

What do they say about not working with children and animals? Ziggy steals the show in our demonstration of how to apply a ‘Parkie Power’ tattoo. It’s a bit like Blue Peter from a bizarre, parallel universe. Enjoy – or not… but please order your PP tatts today – by donating a minimum of £2 (per tattoo) via the My Donate page. It’s the big purple button on the right-hand drop column on every page.

For something more informative than the video – and without the distraction of a terrier. You can find full written instructions on how to apply these temporary tattoos below. All rights to the tattoo artwork, featuring a hand-drawn tulip illustration, courtesy of the lovely and talented Jason, remains with Spotlight YOPD. Please drop us an email should you wish to use it in any other way.

These tattoos – which last approximately four days – proved a great hit when debuted at the WPC in Portland last year.