LGBTQI – Out & Out Outrage

Parkinson’s doesn’t discriminate – and nor does Spotlight YOPD. We are very conscious that there does not seem to be any specific service provision for the LGBTQI communities. Every person is a unique individual with their own PD symptoms. In a PD community dominated by elderly concerns, LGBTQI may feel like a misunderstood minority within a young Parkie minority. More than any other group they probably understand the impact on a family of breaking unexpected news. 

In order to explore whether there is a need or a will to discuss non-heterosexual issues among LGBTQI Parkies, we are setting up an on online safe forum for this group. We believe the LGBTQI voices aren’t being heard in PD and other areas of disability. We want to know what people think might be helpful to change this. Please email us your thoughts.

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