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Is There Anyone Out There?

There is a shed-load of info out there for the interested patient. UK-based and overseas charities, groups and bloggers for PD and related services can be found here. Click on the thumbnails to be taken direct to the site concerned.

Does what it says on the tin - they make a little money go a long way. The remit is pure - they're after the cure. Tom Isaacs is the Parkie figurehead running the show, alongside Helen Matthews.

Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Parkinson’s Movement

Parkinson’s UK

The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center

Bachmann Strauss Dystonia

Stepping Forward

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Parkinson’s Humor

South London Younger Parkinson’s Network (SLYPN)

National Parkinson Foundation


My Parkinson’s Team

Parkinson’s UK