European Parkinson’s Disease Association Podcast

The EPDA website Parkinson’s Life is the online lifestyle magazine offering a voice to the global Parkinson’s community – launched its first podcast series in May 2019.

Designed to offer an uninterrupted space for people living with Parkinson’s, the podcast brings together two people to talk openly and honestly about the realities of life with Parkinson’s – and to share ideas about living well with the condition.

A second series – produced with support of a grant provided by the Boston Scientific Foundation Europe – was launched in May 2021. Hosted by online magazine Parkinson’s Life and supported by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association, this free monthly podcast explores the reality of life with Parkinson’s – and shares ideas on how to live well with the world’s fastest growing neurological condition. Join us for honest conversation, useful information and inspiring stories from around the world. #ParkinsonsLife #Parkinsons.

Listen to all the episodes of the Parkinson’s Life podcast below…

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