Sex, intimacy and Parkinson’s disease: an expert guide

Sex, intimacy and Parkinson’s disease: an expert guide

We round up our four-part series on sex, intimacy and Parkinson’s, in which sex therapist, Gila Bronner, and nurse consultant, Orna Moore, share their expert advice – from practical tips on how to encourage intimacy in a relationship post-diagnosis to the importance of seeking professional help 1. Intimacy, sexuality and Parkinson’s In the first part […]

LGBTQI – Out & Out Outrage

Parkinson’s doesn’t discriminate – and nor does Spotlight YOPD. We are very conscious that there does not seem to be any specific service provision for the LGBTQI communities. Every person is a unique individual with their own PD symptoms. In a PD community dominated by elderly concerns, LGBTQI may feel like a misunderstood minority within […]

No Sex Please, We’re Parkies

For someone diagnosed in their twenties, thirties or even forties – life is permanently interrupted with a need to realise that things can never return to where they were before. This affects not only career and earning power but – more importantly – relationships, perhaps getting married and having a family. PD is many things, […]