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The lotto catchphrase ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ is key to finding a cure and better treatment. With approximately 6,500YOPs (Young Onset Parkies) diagnosed under 50 in the UK, we are a relatively small group. There is, therefore, a need for us to be outspoken and proactive. We have the inside track and insight into which parts where the system works, where it doesn’t and how we can join forces and ‘be the change’. The Opinion section of this site is asking for your opinion and input on news, views and research.

Tom, Tom – Thank You For Showing Us The Way

Tom Isaacs, 2 April 1968 – 31 May 2017.
Co-founder and president of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust
A little over three months since the PD community was shaken to its core at the news of Tom Isaacs’ death, we take a moment to reflect not just on his life but his legacy. An Olympic torchbearer, Tom led and lit the way for those with YOPD; it’s up to us – all in the PD world – to now work together in getting better treatment and the cure.  (more…)
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When Not To Spin The Wheel

Ordinarily we’re all in favour of Young Parkies running their own home experiments to observe the effects on their PD and its symptoms. Here Simon Templar, not necessarily our writer’s real name, takes far too much of a gamble, even in his own view. Having lived to tell the tale, he recounts it here. It is published with a BOLD caveat…


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Branded A Superhero

There are so many ways of getting a message out there… adverts, postcards, press features, giveaways – but Spotlight YOPD favours a more hands on approach to arms (and legs in a couple of instances).
We like to think of ourselves as the ink-ing man and woman’s charity.


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