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Tom, Tom – Thank You For Showing Us The Way

Tom Isaacs, 2 April 1968 – 31 May 2017.
Co-founder and president of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust
A little over three months since the PD community was shaken to its core at the news of Tom Isaacs’ death, we take a moment to reflect not just on his life but his legacy. An Olympic torchbearer, Tom led and lit the way for those with YOPD; it’s up to us – all in the PD world – to now work together in getting better treatment and the cure.  (more…)
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MUST READ ARTICLE: Time and Exenatide wait* for no one

*OK, so there will be a bit of a wait but, all going to plan, this will happen not just in your lifetime but in the near future. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the view of a former neuroscientists… Jon Stamford has been studying PD for 37 years with an inside and outside perspective.


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Anyone who works in the medical field; specifically in the brain-business, will know of...

What do they say about not working with children and animals? Ziggy steals the show in our...

A group representing Spotlight YOPD and the interests of those with Young Onset Parkinson’s...