Newly Diagnosed

Being diagnozed with PD is a huge shock. To try to ease the journey I have put together a guide of 7 things to focus on as you navigate the early days of PD.
Everyone experiences their diagnosis in very different ways. There are a range of responses that people diagnosed with YOPD most often experience.
Here’s an explanation of some of the terms you’ll hear used around young onset Parkinson's, plus insights from Sarah Tilley Sykes who has YOPD.
The three words ‘you have Parkinson’s’ are not the ones anyone wants to hear. Those words may have been accompanied by other words like “incurable, degenerative and progressive.”
Being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) - also referred to as Early Onset Parkinson's (EOPD) can take time to process. Read this first.