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Of all the young Parkie dudes out there slipping through the net unnoticed, it is the dudettes that perhaps have been consistently ignored. Not only is this condition more common among the elderly, but the Parkie population is also known to be mostly male. Ask most of those ‘young Parkie women’ with an ‘old man’s disease’ when they stuggle the most, many specify a certain time of the month. We know PD is a condition that caries from one individual to the next. It should really be no surprise that it’s different for girls – period.

No Sex Please, We’re Parkies

For someone diagnosed in their twenties, thirties or even forties – life is permanently interrupted with a need to realise that things can never return to where they were before. This affects not only career and earning power but – more importantly – relationships, perhaps getting married and having a family. PD is many things, but ‘sexy’ ain’t one of them… explains Sarah Collings.


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