Branded A Superhero

There are so many ways of getting a message out there adverts, postcards, press features, giveaways but Spotlight YOPD favours a more hands on approach to arms (and legs in a couple of instances). We like to think of ourselves as the ink-ing man and woman’s charity.

We are a tiny charity with big aspirations… In order to launch we relied on the goodwill and generosity (time and money) of some lovely people. Conveniently one of our founders runs a small marketing agency – which now boasts Spotlight YOPD as its largest (and cheapest) client.

We knew our image was key and we needed to create an edgier style that would appeal to YOPs. The ‘Parkie Power, superhero campaign was integral to creating the right vibe – largely the work of our lovely designer Alison. When it came to needing something easily transportable (hand luggage from London to Portland) but effective and eminently cool… we asked her other half (an illustrator) to design a (temporary) tattoo… and those at the WPC loved it.

Even Steve Ford, CEO of Parkinson&rsquo;s UK, was seen sporting one. If you got inked by us in Portland, you can search for yourself in this gallery of Parkie powerhouses. If you see yourself but you&rsquo;re not captioned &ndash; please contact us and let us know, so we can add your name. We invite all those featured to submit an aspirational quote or their thoughts on PD or a message to the newly diagnosed or any other soundbite for the greater good.</p>

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