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Specialist Parkinson Physiotherapists Maria Lewis and Sally Tawhai explain why the best exercise for YOPD does not involve mindless hours on a treadmill but something demanding effort - that can fully engage both brain and body.
Students from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester have been staging a special concert to show the effects of music on people with Parkinson's Disease.
Ahead of the debate, Parkinson’s UK briefed members of the House of Lords about the challenges our community face in accessing health services that are vital to managing the range of Parkinson’s symptoms.
Kathrynne Holden looks at nutritious and varied meal plans that are great for the whole body.
Researchers in the US have explored the link between Covid-19 and the risk of Parkinson’s. As part of their study, the team induced “mild to moderate” cases of Covid-19 in mice genetically engineered to be susceptible to the virus.
In this webinar, our YOPD Council members discuss how understanding your mental and physical limitations with Parkinson’s can improve your quality of life.
A Parkinson’s expert and a person with the condition discuss why gait impairment can “profoundly affect everyday life” – and how to manage the symptoms.

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