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YOPD is a very complex condition – a syndrome, in fact – where symptoms vary and change over time. Anyone visiting this site is likely to have been diagnosed with Parkinson under the age of 50.
3D effects on YOPD
We invite views and questions from anyone in the YOPD community who has experience of depression, dyskinesia or dystonia.

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The charity for those with YOPD run by those with YOPD*

  *Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease diagnosed in those under 50

Our vision is that YOPD will have universal recognition to counter the stigma and better address the specifics of a younger Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Our five key aims working towards this vision are:

1. To have YOPD recognised globally by patients, clinicians, researchers, pharma and the general public as a separate rare syndrome – with many cases being genetic.

2. To promote whole genome analysis of all those with YOPD in the hope of identifying both type and cause of condition – enabling the sharing of knowledge on likely symptoms, side effects and most effective treatments, according to the type.

3. To campaign politically and plug the gaps socially – helping those with YOPD gain access to not only treatments but also the benefits and support required whether emotional, practical or financial.

4. To have YOPD understood as a long-term condition – with emphasis on a holistic approach to exercise, diet, counselling, better treatment options and support – in order to produce dedicated NICE guidelines, outlining specific symptoms, treatment and life challenges.

5. To accelerate diagnosis and give those diagnosed, and those around them, the strength and support to take control of their own condition.




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