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On the day Tom Isaacs’ personal battle with Young Onset Parkinson’s came to an end in summer 2017, more than a dozen young Parkies with their own battles to be fought met in the offices of PUK. Some were supporters of the main Parkinson’s charity in this country, founded the year after Tom’s birth. Others represented their own charities and organisations. Together we were the members of the Younger Parkinson’s Alliance.

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Tom, Tom – Thank You For Showing Us The Way

Tom Isaacs, 2 April 1968 – 31 May 2017. Co-founder and president of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust A little over three months since the PD community was shaken to its core at the news of Tom Isaacs’ death, we take a moment to reflect not just on his life but his legacy. An Olympic torchbearer, Tom led and lit the way for those with YOPD; it’s up to us – all in the PD world – to now work together in getting better treatment and the cure. 

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Collaborate or be damned

Anyone who works in the medical field; specifically in the brain-business, will know of Neuroscientist Dr. Babak Kateb, Founding Chairman and CEO of the prestigious SBMT and Brain Mapping Foundation. Pat O’Brien of the acclaimed Business Rockstars introduced Dr. Babak…‘brain-mapping is what he does.’ Close enough, Lisa Vandeberg explains…

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What do they say about not working with children and animals? Ziggy steals the show in our...

A group representing Spotlight YOPD and the interests of those with Young Onset Parkinson’s...

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